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Like many of you, we have been paying close attention to the situation in Minneapolis following the horrific killing of George Floyd, and the resulting protests that have been occurring throughout the country, including right here in our St. Louis region. We are committed to supporting our community during this time, as always, and we are grateful to have had some opportunities to connect with you, even remotely.

One of our priorities as educators is to embolden our students to be upstanders, and to lead and advocate for others. We know that there is always more to be done, and are committed to continuing to struggle with the issues of privilege and systemic racism, and to continue to become better citizens and community members ourselves as well. Starting this summer, we will be unpacking the results of our recently completed AIM (Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism) Climate Survey in order to assess where we currently stand in terms of this work, and will use this data to carve out actionable steps for moving forward with intention. We encourage you to reach out to us, and to one another, to continue these conversations.

Below you will find additional resources on antiracism education that we hope will be useful for talking to children and peers, especially in reference to recent events.

Please note: while we do include some resources geared toward children, some may not be appropriate or accessible for a younger audience.

For Children:

For Adults:

Resources & Organizations to help you take action:

Culturally Responsive Teaching:

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