Our Program

The foundation of a New City School education is a strong academic program.

Academic preparation at the elementary level is an important part of preparing children for success in the world. We consider it very important that our students be able to apply themselves well in all of the traditional academic areas, but there is so much more! We believe it is important that students have a deep understanding of themselves and others, and are actively involved in their own learning processes. The intentional focus on the “Personal Intelligences” sets the New City experience apart. From preschool through graduation, each child is guided and assessed on specific behaviors such as confidence, motivation, problem solving, responsibility, effort and work habits, appreciation for diversity, and teamwork. Having opportunities to work with others, and reflect on their interactions, enables students to learn to appreciate others’ perspectives and points of view, which ultimately results in a level of understanding and empathy beyond their years.

“Because of New City, my kids take real pleasure in learning and have a joyful sort of tenacity about their work, both in and outside of school. Whenever they’re faced with a challenge, I can tell they’re thinking, ‘How can I solve this my way?’ The answer might be in a book, in the natural world, in the science lab, in a drawing, or a song. It’s a beautiful thing to see—they really feel ready for whatever the world has to offer them.”  NCS Parent

Remote Learning at New City School

How We're Learning Remotely (Spring 2020)

When faced with changes to our regular school schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty was tasked with pivoting to remote learning for the remainder of the 2020 spring semester. While remote learning cannot take the place of time in the classroom with teachers and peers, we are striving to make the most of the platforms that are available to us. This page contains some examples of work that has been done in our different grade levels during the extended closure of our school's physical space due to the pandemic.

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