Take a peek inside the red doors! Watch New City videos here. 


what new city means to me: in the students' own words

Former sixth graders tell us what New City means to them, how it's influenced their lives, and why they think it's such a special place. 

New City Graduation - "I Believe" statements

Each year our graduating sixth graders reflect on their lives and their experience at New City, and craft short, one sentence "I Believe" statements. Hear one year's graduating class give their statements below: 

The power of the new city school experience 

Alumna Brittany Packnett, class of 1996 and current Executive Director of Teach for America in St. Louis, talks about how New City School changed her life, and what's most important about our unique educational experience. 

happy holidays from the new city school make it workshop! 

Our 3D printer was working overtime to print this custom "Happy Holidays!" greeting, courtesy of robotics club, the New City Make It Workshop! 

The Final Two Minutes of the Spelling Bee! 

The New City Spelling Bee is not just an opportunity for students to show off their prowess in spelling. Students also practice good sportsmanship and plenty of grit as they spell! Enjoy the final tense moments of last year's bee: 

First grade performs "Dr. Seuss We Love You!" from The Sneetches

The first grade performs The Sneetches  every year! "The Sneetches" is a story about discrimination. In the beginning, Sneetches with stars on their bellies discriminate against Sneetches with "plain bellies". Throughout the course of hte performance, the Sneetches learn that what's really important is what's on the inside, not on the outside! Enjoy a clip below: 

Winter Band Concert 2014 - A Tribute to World Holidays! 

New City's Band was started in 2012, and almost all of the band members were beginners at the time the band was started. Both the beginner and advanced bands are playing in this clip, a "Tribute to World Holidays." 


1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at New City's summer Adventure Camp collected 135 canned goods and distributed them at Lane Tabernacle Church. The camp completed four service projects over the course of the summer. 

The New City Drama Club Presents "The Jungle Book!" 

New City Drama Club performances are always anticipated heavily. The performances involve our students at all levels; students run the lighting, the sound, help create the sets, choreography, costumes and of course, the singing, acting, and dancing! Enjoy a clip below: 

Fifth Grade Egg Drop

Fifth graders solve logical-mathematical and physics problems by using their spatial intelligences to design carriers for an egg that will survive a drop from the roof of the building. Watch two dramatic egg drops below: 


The 4/5s students sang a song about changing the world as they delivered their food drive donations! One little person CAN change the world! 


After reading "The Kindness Quilt", by Nancy Wallace, with our school counselor, Laurie, kindergarteners Daisy and Fallon decided to make their own kindness quilt during their down time. Here they tell us about their project!