Team 2.0 Visits, Showing Students How to Turn “Emotion into Motion”

Team 2.0 visited us for our Friday assembly on October 17th.

Team 2.0 Inc. is a dance company, providing dance classes, Choreography, performances, also dance motivation for parties and events. Our mission is to enlighten and embrace inner confidence and talents in children, teens and adults. By creating an understanding, physically and mentally through dance, we awaken the subconscious mind to maximize our student’s and client’s potential. 

Says Team 2.0, "As self-taught entertainers, we use dance as an artistic method to promote love and happiness. Our style is called New Style, which is a composition of many dance styles into one sequence of moves usually in a free style form, mixed with personality and originality. Dancing this way allows us to always leave the audience on the edge of their seats, being that the style is unpredictable. We strive to leave our audience in shock and we always dance to clean music. We organize dance events, workshops, and give private lessons. We can bring energy and excitement to any party as entertainment and dance motivators. Great with kids, we enjoy being a positive inspiration to our youth. Come dance with us!" 

Watch our 1st graders "turn emotion into motion!" 

Learn more about Team 2.0 by visiting their website: