Strategic Planning

    The last few weeks have been busy ones at New City, with lots of excitement and activities surrounding the kick-off of our Strategic Planning process. As we approach our 50th anniversary, we are working hard to chart a course for the next 50 years! We've been working on getting feedback from our community members about what makes us who we are today, and where we want to go next. Between survey responses and in-person meetings, we’ve heard from a remarkable 337 people—including students, teachers, staff members, parents, alumni, and many more! What a wonderful demonstration of commitment to our school.

    The thoughts these people have shared with us about New City's strengths, and their vision for making us even stronger in the future, have formed the basis for our next strategic plan. Moving forward, we will continue to our focus on the Four Pillars, of Academic Excellence, Diversity beyond the Numbers, Joyful Learning, and Personal Intelligences, that underlie all we do here. At the same time, we’ve learned about key areas where New City that can improve; we’re so excited about the new ideas presented to us and possibilities that await. 

    The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is now in the process of refining all of this input into a plan that will provide areas of focus and initiatives to keep our school moving forward, one that we hope to be able to share with you all in the new year. New City is our school, and together we will guide it to an even brighter future. 

    The Strategic Planning Steering Committee:

    Chelsey Carter, New City School Class of 2002

    Missey Doll, Counselor and Learning Specialist; Alumni Parent

    Theresa Fleck, Director of Advancement; Current Parent

    Tasmyn Front, Member of Board of Trustees; Current Parent and Alumni Parent

    Dale Lee, Member of Board of Trustees; Current Parent

    Ajay Pathak, Current Parent

    Jessica Perkins, Committee Co-chair and Member of Board of Trustees; Alumni Parent

    Jim Runnels, Committee Co-Chair and Member of Board of Trustees; Current Parent

    Angela Spittal, Chair, Board of Trustees; Current Parent and Alumni Parent

    Aimee Wittman, Current Parent

    Brennan Williams, 5th Grade Teacher

    Alexis Wright, Head of School; Current Parent