Solar Panels

Over the summer, we had a 25kw solar array installed on the south side of the theater roof. The system is financed through a lease with Microgrid Solar that will allow us to reduce our annual energy costs. The annual cost of the lease for the 25kw system is less than the cost of 25kw of energy that we would purchase from AmerenUE. Both the use of federal tax credits and AmerenUE rebates allow for an initial low-cost lease, then to eventually own the system. New City is investing in renewable energy resources at no additional cost!

You’re invited to our Fall Open House!

Behind our red doors, New City students engage in hands-on, experiential learning, develop lasting friendships within a diverse group of peers, play hard, and dream big. Join us at our Fall Open House on Saturday, November 10, to learn more about our school. We promise New City School is unlike anywhere you’ve been before! RSVP by visiting

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