NCS Students Welcome New Head of School

As New City students wrapped up their third week of classes, the normal schedule was put on pause for a special (and secret) assembly to welcome Alexis as the new head of school. Normally our youngest students-- age 3 through kindergarten-- don't join us for assemblies, but on this occasion they all made the trek up to the main floor to join the big kids.  As part of this surprise event for Alexis, Tommi had prepared our 3/4s, 4/5s, and Kindergarteners to sing and dance along to a song called Funga Alafia, a Nigerian song of welcome. After Tommi led the little ones in song, the rest of the students were invited to join in for a second chorus, which included an enthusiastic (and loud) call-and-response section.

Next, Ben introduced the sixth graders, who each stepped up to the mic to give Alexis a piece of advice about moving to St. Louis (be sure to visit the Arch, the City Museum, and Crown Candy Kitchen), how to be a good head of school (dress up for Halloween, learn everyone's names, put root beer in the water fountains), and what he should know about New City (we respect everyone here, no matter your "size, race, or ability").

And finally Alexis wrapped up the assembly with a brief speech thanking the students for their songs, encouragement, and advice. Then everyone headed back to their classes, still humming Funga Alafia.