Math Club Wins Big…Twice!

The 2013-2014 New City School 6th Grade Math Team

We are so proud of our students! Way to use your logical-mathematical intelligence!

It’s official! New City's 6th Grade Math Club took 2nd place in State in the Missouri Math League competition this year. Congratulations to the following students: Nick Babusis, Russell Bigham, Rafi Brent, Jordan Caradine, Sanjay Chakinala, Dylan Fox, Benjamin Hollander-Bodie, Sydney Panagos, Cristian Perez, Emma Shearburn, and Rohan Tripathy. The following students also ranked as individuals at the state level: Sanjay tied for 21st place, Cristian tied for 16th place, Dylan and Benjamin tied for 8th place, and Rafi tied for 3rd place.

Hats off to all students who worked hard this year as members of the New City School Math Club!