After winning their individual grade-level bees, eleven New City students age 2nd through 6th grade took place in the school-wide Spelling Bee on Friday. The competition was stiff, and this year's Bee broke records; it went ten rounds without a single elimination -- the longest ever! 

    After over an hour of spelling, 4th grader Maisie took second place, and 5th grader Ciaran took 1st place for the second consecutive year. Ciaran will represent New City in the McKendree University/St. Louis-Post-Dispatch Area Bee. 

    The Spelling Bee participants (and individual grade-level winners) were: 

    2nd grade: Bridget G. and Jack G. 

    3rd grade: Poppy O. and Liem N-M

    4th grade:  Maisie Z. (2nd Place) and Gabi B.

    5th Grade: Julia W. and Ciaran S. (1st place)

    6th Grade: Abby M., Madison N., and Reza M. 

    Congrats to all of our participants and to our 1st and 2nd place winners!