6th Grade Poet Laureates

Say hello to our NCS Poet Laureates! These 6th Graders have been in the hallway before and after school, writing poems about the busy times right before and after school. See below for excerpts from each student's work. 

Evening Haiku

People are walking, talking
Some with purpose, Some without
Loud conversation.

The Afternoon and The Typewriter

Some stop and stare, some just pass by, some ask questions
I don't know why. Some just smile, some tell stories,
Recalling old tales, and former glories. What makes
them do this? you might ask. It's the typewriter, and
my little task. But the bustle and hustle are soon
to die down, and people are gone, but the memories
still carry on. Now is the end, and my task is over,


How can one doorway
Let so many different
Souls step through its frame


The sounds of yet another
Day of school
Footfalls echo
Through these cavernous halls
Voices slowly growing
Louder, louder, louder still
Yet somehow
It is simple enough
To sit
Among this perfectly ordinary chaos
And write