4th Grader Interviews Head of School

    Interview with Alexis Wright

    By: Meera

    In January 2016, I interviewed Alexis Wright, who was in town to get acquainted with New City School. He started as our Head of School in July. Alexis comes from New York, where he was head of another private school. He, himself, began his education at a public elementary school, then moved on to a private middle school and graduated from a public high school, so his own school experience is varied. Growing up, he idolized many baseball players, as a Yankee fan. But, in his adulthood, he was impressed by President Barak Obama’s path from community organizer to law school professor, to senator and, finally, President. He has come to realize that each student is unique and has something to contribute. However, sometimes, people need help realizing what makes them stand out. Since he is new to New City, he says he will be listening to many people to discover how to improve the school. When I invited him to ask me a few questions, of course he asked me what I would improve about New City. He was also interested in what I was reading, and knew the books, too.

    I asked him “What word is not allowed in your vocabulary?” He answered “I don’t like to be discouraging.”

    If he wasn’t Head of School, what would he be? “A marine researcher or a police officer.”

    I asked him what he often does in his free time. He told me he thinks Legos are the best toy ever, so if he had a few free hours, he would play with Legos. When he gets a new set, he follows the directions. Then, he breaks the Legos up and builds new things.

    In St. Louis, he has visited the Arch, and Ted Drewes. If he could take anything from St. Louis back to New York City, he would take custard and our barbecue ribs.

    Having interviewed Alexis Wright, I think he is a thoughtful person. Welcome, Alexis! We look forward to learning about each other!