Curriculum Highlight: What Our Students Learn from Acrobatics

  • In The Classroom

Guest Post from Ben Griffiths, Director of the Personals and Performing Arts Specialist

I've recently been working with 2nd and 3rd Graders on beginning acrobatics, and was particularly impressed with something I saw in a 2nd Grade class. Some of the kids with gymnastics backgrounds did well from the start, as you might expect, but there were also some first cartwheels and backbends or back walk-overs happening, too—most importantly, all of the kids were able to set their own goals for improvement and to experience a sense of accomplishment. Every student stepped a little (or a lot!) outside of their comfort zone, focused on accomplishing small goals, and ultimately experienced the joy of learning something new.

At the end of class, I asked the class to raise a hand if they felt a sense of pride related to the work they’d done that day, and all hands shot up. While they may not all become acrobats, of course, they will all know they are capable of facing and overcoming a challenge if they believe in themselves, take that first leap, and put in the work it takes to succeed!

Photos: 3rd Graders practice partner (or group!) balancing acts in a recent class.