A Virtual Visit with Joye Forrest

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Joye Forrest (Class of 2008), the current Miss Missouri, joined us this morning at our Zoom Assembly, where she was interviewed by some of our 6th Graders and shared about how growing up as a New City student prepared her to be confident in being herself and trying new things, especially as she continued on into the world beyond the red doors and throughout her time competing in pageants.

Joye talked about how she is able to use her current platform as Miss Missouri to advocate for ways to make the world a more inclusive place. She advised students that they don't have to be anyone but themselves to make a difference, and encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunities that are available at New City to explore different interests. Joye also shared that she has a children's book coming out next week called "Dance with Joye," which is based on her travels and finding a common language through dance. Thank you for joining us, Joye!