4th Grade Gets to Know Our Local Government

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The 4th Grade had an amazing trip to St. Louis City Hall last week! They began the morning with a quick tour of the building, then met with several Alderpeople, including Heather Navarro, Alderwoman for the 28th Ward (New City’s ward), who answered lots of questions. Lewis Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen, also spoke with the students and answered questions, as well as introduced the students to the rest of the Board. 4th Grade had the opportunity to observe the city’s legislators in action as they watched the Board's meeting from the balcony. You can see our students and teachers recognized by Alderman Reed in the recording of the meeting here (watch from the beginning to see one of our students call the session to order!).

After the meeting, the class visited the Mayor’s Office, which provided a great introduction to the executive branch of government. Mayor Krewson spent about 30 minutes with the students, answering questions and chatting with them about government. It was a fun–and informative–experience for our 4th Graders!