3/4s Learn About Leading for Change

  • From the Head of School
  • In The Classroom

From the Head of School: 

Our younger children often take walks through our neighborhood, admiring the architecture of the historic houses, observing how the plants change throughout the seasons, and noticing the rhythm of the local community.

Our 3/4s were on a neighborhood walk recently when they noticed a Black Lives Matter sign in one yard, and stopped for a mini-lesson about what those signs mean and why people put them in their yards. Their teacher reminded the class about the story of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other people who worked (and continue to work) to make sure rules are fair and that everybody gets a turn, and can choose where they want to sit on a bus or where they want to go to school. The class talked about how many of the rules were changed, but sadly, there are still many times when things are not fair and we need to continue to work to make things fair. The children were very interested and serious in their questions and discussion.

The teacher helped explain to the children that when we see a Black Lives Matter sign in a yard, it lets us know that the people who live there want things to be fair for everyone—no matter what color skin, or type of hair, or type of body, or language they have. The class also talked about how some people do not put signs in their yards but still believe that rules need to be fair, and that all people need the help they deserve and the opportunities to have turns at all sorts of things. 

This story is a great example of how our curriculum reflects children's innate curiosity, and how we can always find ways to show and explain complex topics in an age-appropriate manner. Integral to that process is having a well-trained and expert faculty, which we are fortunate to have here at New City School. Our faculty are lifelong learners and are always seeking to perfect their craft. Thank you to all of our teachers for their expertise and dedication!

Alexis Wright
Head of School