Sports at New City School

New City offers its students the opportunity to play in the following team sports:

New City is proud to offer many opportunities for our students to utilize their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence through sports. We strive to give equal playing time to each athlete, and good sportsmanship is our most important priority. 


Outdoor Soccer:
Students K-6th grade play in the Clayton and University City league. We have approximately 12 teams playing an eight game season. A trophy and picture is included.

Basketball Clinic (K-2nd grade):
The K-2nd grade basketball clinic focuses on instructional elements of basketball and skill enhancement. It takes place here at New City, and is run by parents. Approximately 25 athletes participate for four weeks.

Soccer Mini-Talents Classes (4-5 year olds): 
In the fall and winter, students age 4-5 years old can take part in a soccer talents class, led by BK specialist Lauren. An extra cost is associated with this class. 


Indoor Soccer:
Students K-3rd grade play in the University City league at Centennial Commons. We have approximately 11 teams for this eight game season. K-3rd graders play January through February, and 4th-6th graders play late February through early April. 

Students 2nd-3rd grade play in the Clayton league. We have approximately eight teams for this eight game season. Trophy is included. 


Baseball, Softball, and T-ball: 
Students K-6th grade play in the Clayton league. We have approximately 10 teams for this eight game season. A trophy is included.  


Summer Soccer Camp: 
Students from 1st-6th grade can take part in our summer soccer camp. Please contact Tobie in extended day for more information about the dates, times, and costs associated with this camp. 


  • There is a fee for all sports of $85, excluding the basketball clinic which is $25.
  • All teams are coached by multiple parents.
  • All coaches are required to fill out a background check.
  • All uniforms are given out by the Athletic Director and returned after the season is over.
  • All equipment is provided for the teams from the Athletic Director with the exception of shoes, cleats, socks, shin guards, and baseball gloves.
  • All teams practice at New City School one time per week. We work in conjunction with extended day so athletes can attend practice if they stay in extended day. 
  • Financial aid is offered for families that qualify.