Talents Classes

Something for Everyone!

Talents classes are an important part of the Extended Day Program, and an opportunity for our students to explore their multiple intelligences. Classes meet after school, and an effort is made each semester to have offerings that encompass all of the multiple intelligences. Talents classes not only offer the opportunity to enjoy exploring an interest, they also provide opportunities for children to interact with like-minded children from different grade levels. Partnerships with Mad Science, COCA, Robinson’s Karate, The Fencer’s Academy, Little All Stars Baseball, and other community organizations bring experienced instructors to New City on a daily basis. In addition, we utilize the knowledge and passions of our parents, faculty, alumni and friends.

​Past talents classes have included: chess, martial arts, Drama Club, music lessons (strings, piano, drums), Math Club, fencing, cooking, knitting, River Kids, soccer, band, and much, much more! Classes are geared toward several different age groups from pre-primary to sixth grade. Offerings vary each year based on interest.

Classes are generally scheduled for 6, 8, or 10 week sessions. ("Mini" Talents Classes are offered for 4/5 year olds and Kindergarteners and are generally 4 to 6 weeks long.)

A few classes -- Chess Club, Band, River Kids and music lessons -- are yearlong programs and meet weekly or biweekly.