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  • Walking Beauty

    by Leah Wilcox

    Prince Charming tries all sorts of silly ways to wake Sleeping Beauty before he learns how he is really supposed to wake her up.

  • What! Cried Granny

    by Kate Lum

    It's Patrick's first sleepover at his Granny's house, and the woman is a little unprepared. As the sun begins to set, she instructs her grandson to get ready for bed. "But, Granny," the boy points out, "I don't HAVE a bed here."…or a pillow, blanket, teddy bear.  Hilarious solution to this problem.

  • When Jessie Came Across the Sea

    by Amy Hest

    A thirteen-year-old Jewish orphan reluctantly leaves her grandmother and immigrates to New York City, where she works for three years sewing lace and earning money to bring Grandmother to the United States, too.

  • When Will I Read?

    by Miriam Cohen

    Impatient to begin reading, a first-graders doesn’t realize that there is more to reading than books.

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    by Maurice Sendak

    After Max was sent to bed for misbehaving, he escapes by imagining that he sails away to a wild land full of monsters.

  • Whistle for Willie

    by Ezra Jack Keats

    A little boy tries very hard to learn how to whistle for his dog.

  • White Star: a dog on the Titanic

    by Marty Crisp

    Twelve-year-old Sam, a passenger on the Titanic's maiden sea voyage, volunteers to help care for the dogs in the ocean liner's kennel and becomes fast friends with the Irish setter of J. Bruce Ismay, the ship's owner.

  • Who Is Melvin Bubble?

    by Nick Bruel

    An introduction to six-year-old Melvin Bubble as presented by his family, friends, and others.

  • Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears

    by Verna Aardema

    A cumulative African folktale tells the humorous reason for mosquitoes buzzing.

  • Wolf’s Coming!

    by Joe Kulka

    All of the animals in the forest go into hiding because the wolf is coming, but why they are hiding is the big surprise.

  • Woody Guthrie: Poet of the People

    by Bonnie Christensen

    Offers a brief introduction to the life and work of American poet Woody Guthrie.

  • Yoko

    by Rosemary Wells

    When Yoko brings sushi to school for lunch, her classmates make fun of what she eats  until one of them tries it for himself.

  • You Forgot Your Skirt Amelia Bloomer: A Very Improper Story

    by Shana Corey

    Amelia Bloomer, who does not behave the way nineteenth century society tells her a proper lady should, introduces pantaloons to American women to save them from the discomfort of their heavy, tight dresses.

  • Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game

    by David Adler

    When eight year old sleuth Cam Jansen and her friend Eric go to a birthday party, she uses her photographic memory to solve the puzzle of the dinosaur count.

  • Zack’s Alligator

    by Shirley Mozelle

    When Zack soaks his new alligator keychain in water, it grows into a full-sized and fun-loving alligator.

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