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  • Number the Stars

    by Lois Lowry

    In 1943, during the German occupation of Denmark, ten year old Annemarie learns how to be brave and courageous when she helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis.

  • Old Bear

    by Kevin Henkes

    When Old Bear falls asleep for the winter, he has a dream that he is a cub again, enjoying each of the four seasons.

  • Old Black Fly

    by Jim Aylesworth

    Rhyming text and illustrations follow a mischievous old black fly through the alphabet as he has a very busy bad day landing where he should not be.

  • Olive’s Ocean

    by Kevin Henkes

    On a summer visit to her grandmother's cottage by the ocean, twelve-year-old Martha gains perspective on the death of a classmate, on her relationship with her grandmother, on her feelings for an older boy, and on her plans to be a writer.

  • Olivia

    by Ian Falconer

    Whether at home getting ready for the day, enjoying the beach, or at bedtime, Olivia is a feisty pig who has too much energy for her own good.

  • One Giant Leap: the Story of Neil Armstrong

    by Don Brown

    Discusses the life and accomplishments of astronaut Neil Armstrong, from his childhood in Ohio to his famous moon landing.

  • Only Emma

    by Sally Warner

    Third-grader Emma's peaceful life as an only child is disrupted when she has to temporarily share her tidy bedroom with four-year-old Anthony Scarpetto, a bona fide "pain in the patootie.”

  • Orphan Singer

    by Emily Arnold McCully

    Determined that their daughter realized her musical destiny, her poor but devoted parents send her away as a baby to the Venetian's ospedale knowing she will be raised as an orphan and will never again be allowed to return home.

  • Our Only May Amelia

    by Jennifer Holm

    As the only girl in a Finnish American family of seven brothers, May Amelia Jackson resents being expected to act like a lady while growing up in Washington state in 1899.

  • Owen

    by Kevin Henkes

    Owen's parents try to get him to give up his favorite blanket before he starts school, but when their efforts fail, they come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.

  • Owen Foote, Frontiersman

    by Stephanie Greene

    Second grader Owen Foote is looking forward to spending time with his friend Joseph in their tree fort, until some bullies visiting his neighbor, Mrs. Gold, threaten to wreck the fort.

  • P.S. Longer Letter Later

    by Paula Danziger

    Twelve-year-old best friends Elizabeth and Tara-Starr continue their friendship through letter-writing after Tara-Starr's family moves to another state.

  • Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

    by Eric Carle

    Monica's father fulfills her request for the moon by taking it down after it is small enough to carry, but it continues to change in size.

  • Pay the Piper

    by Jane Yolen

    When Callie interviews the band, Brass Rat, for her school newspaper, her feelings are ambivalent, but when all the children of Northampton begin to disappear on Halloween, she knows where the dangerous search must begin.

  • Pee Wee’s Tale

    by Johanna Hurwitz

    When his owner's parents let him go in Central Park, a young guinea pig learns to survive in the natural world with the help of a "park-wise" squirrel while trying to find his way back home.

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