Grade Level Overviews Kindergarten Curriculum | St Louis, MO

The kindergarten curriculum is designed to provide children with a milieu of experiences throughout the day.

Activities during Morning Meeting, language, choice, math and recess help them to develop a better awareness of themselves, as well as how to successfully interact with others and the world around them.

Within a center-based environment, students learn to take responsibility for themselves, develop good work habits, and complete tasks, helping them to grow personally and academically.

Kindergartners become readers, writers, authors, illustrators, presenters, artists, architects, mathematicians, problem-solvers, leaders, partners, teachers, and friends.

Through a detailed study of the human body, students gain an understanding of how our bodies are alike and different, as well as how the body works and how to take care of it. Throughout the year, students learn about a variety of body systems. We begin the year learning about our groups:  Sleepy Peepers (eyes), Super Sniffers (noses), Handy Dandies (hands) and Sound Catchers (ears). Further investigations include the nervous, skeletal muscular, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems of the body. 

As the culmination to their year, children construct a three-dimensional body model and collect materials to create a Busy Body book. Families join the children for a healthy pot-luck Body Day Breakfast where books and models are shared. This is an effective way to demonstrate genuine understanding and a fun way to end the year. Woven throughout this year-long theme, students engage in hands-on, creative activities that further their reading, writing, and problem-solving skills. 

What to Expect from Your Kindergartner...

Kindergarten is a year of big change.  Five- and six-year-olds are moving from a world of self into a world that includes others. They are much more aware of others’ feelings and points of view, and are beginning to show empathy. They are becoming more independent problem solvers, and enjoy this newfound assuredness, but may still need the  affirmation of their teacher. Kindergartners can be overly confident one day and insecure the next. As the year progresses, they exhibit more risk-taking behaviors. 

Children at this age are like sponges, eager and able to take in new information and ideas. They’re curious and are not afraid to ask questions. They learn by doing and are transitioning into having a more abstract understanding of concepts. Quite simply, kindergartners love to learn!

Top Ten Things to Know about Kindergarten

Body-Building: Students construct life-size human bodies.

Broadway at NCS: Students bring their theme to life in the preprimary and kindergarten Spring Show. ​

Person of the Week: Students build self-esteem as they are highlighted during this special week.

Step Up to Choice Time: More than twenty MI centers and assigned jobs bring added responsibility.

Picassos in Action: Students study and paint like their favorite artists. Frieda Kahlo, Monet, and Edgar Degas are just some of the artists the children study.

We’re in the Movies Now: Video-taped presentations — nursery rhymes/poems, Me Bags, and demonstrations — are important milestones of the year.

Our NCS World Expands: Students add performing arts and art to their specialist schedule.

Morning Sing-Alongs: Students sing together in the morning to start each day. 

Field Trips: These often include Forest Park, Saint Louis Zoo, City Garden, Saint Louis Art Museum, Powder Valley, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Kemper Art Museum.

Body Breakfast: The culminating activity to the unit on food and nutrition ends with a healthy pot-luck breakfast with families.

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