Educators’ FAQ

Pat Nuernberger Responds to Frequently-Asked Questions from Educators

Q: Who trains your teachers?

A: We believe that professional development is an integral aspect of collegiality. We have a week and one-half of in service each August, and then several staff development and early dismissal days throughout the year. Our faculty committees are the engines for curriculum development, and every teacher is required to serve on at least one faculty committee. We all learn together.

Q: What kind of teachers do you seek?

A: We, like everyone else, want teachers who are caring, bright, and hard-working. In addition, though, we want teachers who bring creativity to their roles and who want to learn and grow as colleagues.

Q: How do teachers apply to New City School?

A: Please email me if you are interested in working at New City School ( ) and I'll send you one of our applications.

Q: Does every lesson feature MI?

A: No, MI is a tool and, as such, sometimes it is easy to incorporate and at other times it is not. MI is a common and routine aspect of instruction, however.

Q: What happens to your students after they graduate?

A: That is a very important question because if we have done our job well, our students will be able to succeed in any sort of environment. And they do! After graduating from sixth grade, our students typically attend one of four local independent schools; about 10-15% of each class will attend public schools. We routinely solicit feedback from these receiving schools, and they consistently report that our students are well prepared academically. Beyond that, however, we hear how our students are the kinds of kids that teachers like to have in class, that they take leadership roles in the school, and that they find learning fun.

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