With a consistent focus on reading, writing and calculation, New City School's comprehensive and challenging curriculum prepares children for success in their future academic endeavors.

Specialist teachers include science, Spanish, computer, library, performing arts, visual art, movement and music, learning specialist, school counselor and physical education.

At New City School, every student is allowed to think for themselves and is encouraged to think differently. To a student from New City School, a multiple-choice question is infuriating, not for its difficulty, language, or tediousness, but for its limitations. Very few questions in life have only five answers. The world is not a textbook, worksheet or math test; it is abstract, wide and messy. It is not enough to discover what happened, you need to know how it happened and why it happened.
George Ziegler, graduate of New City School, Crossroads College Preparatory and the University of Chicago

Outstanding Performance

New City School students consistently score three to four years above grade level on the nationally-normed Stanford Achievement Test. Over the last ten years, graduating New City School students have consistently scored in the top 10% among private and public school students nation-wide. On average, the top one-third of the New City School graduating class scores in the top 3% - 5% against national norms on the complete battery of tests. New City School graduates are sought after by the top secondary schools in the area and by the top colleges and universities around the country.

Multiple Performance Measures 

In addition to skill-based academic learning and assessment, opportunities for teamwork, feedback, and reflection are integrated throughout the New City School curriculum. This intentional focus on the personal intelligences (intrapersonal - knowing oneself, and interpersonal - the ability to work well with others) sets the New City experience apart.

From preschool through graduation each child is guided and assessed on specific behaviors such as confidence, motivation, problem solving, responsibility, effort and work habits, appreciation for diversity, and teamwork. Incidentally, these traits are also noted regularly on our progress reports. Regular written assignments and tests are reinforced by projects, exhibitions, and presentations, which give teachers and parents a more comprehensive picture of what a child actually understands, and provide a rich academic experience that includes - and extends beyond - the completion of a test or recalling facts from memory.

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