Our Mission

New City School develops each child’s individual strengths through an integrated Multiple Intelligences curriculum. We prepare children, age three through grade six, to be confident, joyful learners who are successful academically, knowledgeable about themselves and others, and who value diversity.

Our Four Pillars

Academic Excellence

We work to ensure that our students  from preschool to sixth grade can read, write, and calculate at a high level. Our students’ performance on standardized test results—our grades average several years above grade level—shows that they are well prepared. Our students are strong academically, and they are also creative problem-solvers.

Diversity Beyond the Numbers

Diversity is one of the founding principles of New City School. Diversity Beyond the Numbers reflects both our culture and the curriculum. We believe that teaching students to understand and appreciate diversity is essential for success in life. At times, diversity is explicit and integrated into the formal curriculum; at other times, it is implicit and part of the air we breathe.

Personal Intelligences

We weave the personal intelligences—interpersonal and intrapersonal—into the fabric of everything we do. Our promise is to create introspective and empathetic members of society. Our students care about others, they look inward to know themselves, and they work together to solve problems and enhance learning. That’s “The Personals!”

Joyful Learning

New City School students enjoy going to school! New City students are being taught that learning is fun, as well as “how to learn.” Enjoying the process of learning will position our students to be life-long learners. Learning isn’t something you do to reach a goal; it is something you do because it is fun and part of who you are. That’s what joyful learning is!