Current Parent: Jill

Current Parent: Jill

Why did you choose New City School for your children?

New City School provides so much more than other schools. The curriculum they teach is incredible. Their approach to teaching and the smaller class sizes really help facilitate a more individualized learning experience.

What do you love most about New City School?

When you walk into the building everybody is smiling and so welcoming! The incredible teachers, staff and specialists work hard everyday to make sure that my son feels comfortable and confident at school!

Pick one word that best describes the school: why did you choose that word?

Outstanding!!! The way New City School teaches and approaches academic excellence, diversity, personal intelligence, joyful learning and the curriculum. But the facility and staff is what makes this school great!

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their New City School experience?

We have only been attending New City School for a few weeks but my son absolutely loves it! Starting a new school can be hard but everyone has been so welcoming. They have really made him feel like he belongs!

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to enroll at New City?

I fell in love with New City School for so many reasons! The way they approach teaching to our children is great. The teachers make learning fun! The way that this school works on the personals. They are teaching our children to be better people and productive members of society. The diversity at this school amazing. The staff and other parents are all so nice! New City School is really big on Community and they help bring everyone together!