Green Efforts

Since the 1990s, New City has made a conscious effort to "Go Green." These efforts began with our students' recycling program, have progressed to the installation of our green roof installation in 2009, and most recently the installation of solar panels on the theater roof in the summer of 2013.

In addition to these large scale projects, students and teachers have worked to be more environmentally aware. Students recycle food products, school supplies, paper, cardboard, plastic, and cans, and have instituted a policy of using sustainable materials whenever possible.

Our Green Committee and our River Kids program lead the school's efforts.

Check out what we've done to be green at new city!

Parent Work Day

An annual event held since the 1970's to promote community within the school, often involving various outdoor plantings, landscaping and outdoor activities

Gardening in the classrooms since the 1970’s

Currently the 3/4s class, 1st grade, 4th grade and science classes are very active with gardening as part of the curriculum

Paper Recycling

Since the 1980’s, NCS has encouraged all faculty, staff, and students to recycle used paper materials.

Timers on all exterior lights installed in the 1990’s

Low-E argon gas insulated windows installed 1999

Faucets - auto on/off installed in 2000

Low-flow and auto-flush toilet fixtures – installed in 2000


In 2003, a group of students founded their own organization with the mission of protecting and preserving our local waterways. River clean-ups are held three or four times each year. RiverKids sponsor is Ben Griffiths.

Native plantings in several areas

Native plantings are found in the  Betsy Blankenship Plaza and along the main entrance walkway.

Soda machine electricity regulator installed in 2008
Hand Dryers in bathrooms installed in 2008

Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling began in 2008 with Earth Circle, then continued in 2010 with Abibow/Abitibi Recycling.

Washable coffee mugs are used for staff, families and visitors.

NCS held a coffee mug drive to kick off this initiative in 2008.

Green Committee

Officially formed in 2009 to help push the school forward in the area of environmental sustainability; members include parents, teachers and administration.

GREENER Copy paper

New City changed to paper that contains a high percentage of recycled material in 2009.

Green roof

Our green roof was installed in 2009, due to a generous donation from Kelly Luckett with Green Roof Blocks and Vic Jost with Jost Greenhouses, initiated through Ben Griffiths and the River Kids.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrells were installed on Green Roof and in the garden area of our playground in 2009.

Green cleaning products

The school started using these green products in 2009 through Stratus Building Solutions and Stratus Green Cleaning methods.


Terracycling began in 2010 with wrappers, containers, plastic bags, etc.

Facilities energy audit

The school took part in an energy audit of our facilities in 2010 through AmerenUE and Laclede Gas (Murphy).

Tree and shrub plantings all around campus

New plantings have occurred every year for the past five years, including major improvements along the north and west end of Ferring Field in 2010.

Long Range Sustainability Plan

The plan was developed by the Green Committee in 2011, and is ever-evolving.

Pervious concrete installed within the construction of the Betsy Blankenship Plaza in 2011

Motion sensors for lights

Several bathrooms & closets have been updated since 2011.

Energy Star appliances

The school has purchased Energy Star rated appliances when replacements are needed since 2011.

Bicycle racks

Indoor rack set up in 2011 and additional outdoor rack installed in 2013.

Decrease in disposable dinnerware since 2011

NCS has significantly decreased the number of disposable cups, utensils, plates, etc. at our events, and within our daily operations.

Urban Gardener

Hired an Urban Gardener, Arthur Culbert, in 2012 to work with 4th grade & develop a community garden, food is donated to a local food pantry.

Window Garden

A window garden was set up in the dining hall in 2012.

Ride Finders School Pool

Car pool service was initiated in 2012.


We have taken part in composting in the lounge & dining hall since 2012 through Blue Skies Recycling.


Lunch Skin sales started in 2012 and are held several times throughout the year to encourage families to use non-disposable containers for lunch and snacks.

Recycled Rubber Mulch

Installed on playground in 2012


Interior and exterior lights were updated to LED technology starting in 2012, with additional improvements in 2013, 2014 and beyond.


Powerstrips were introduced in 2013 as replacements (when needed) in order to reduce electricity when electronics are turned off.


Programmable remote HVAC controls installed in 2013 with additional controls planned in 2013.

Solar Panels

Installed August 2013 through a generous lease offer from Microgrid Solar.


Saint Louis University - Fresh Gatherings snack program started in 2013, promoting healthy food from locally sourced farmers.

Electronic Recycling Program

New program starting in 2014 with Adonis Recycling.

Green Fest – February 20, 2014 

An evening organized by the Green Committee, devoted to learning  more about all the ways New City promotes environmental sustainability on campus and in the classroom.