Diversity Diversity Programming

New City is committed to providing opportunities for our community to lean into discomfort and engage in courageous and constructive conversations about diversity. To that end, we have various active affinity groups and rich diversity programming to encourage this type of dialogue.


Families Committed to Diversity

“Families Committed to Diversity” is a group of adults in the New City School community who actively support our commitment to building an inclusive and diverse learning community.  This group provides opportunities for anyone who is interested in the School’s diversity initiatives to get together and to engage in critical conversations about diversity-related topics.  As one member explained, “It’s a place where we can comfortably talk about uncomfortable topics.” Families Committed to Diversity promotes a welcoming environment where everyone in our community can bring their authentic selves through our red doors.  Additionally, this group serves as an action arm helping to plan and to sponsor community events such as our fall Diversity Dinner and Dialogue and our Spring Diversity Event.

Families of Color

The Families of Color affinity group meets throughout the year to provide an additional layer of support for community members that self-identify as a family of color.  The term “families of color” includes any family member from Black/African American, Asian American, Middle-Eastern American, American Indian/Native American, Latino/Hispanic, and Multiracial backgrounds. Meetings are member led, and they provide a space and an opportunity for families of color to connect with one another, to recognize their shared experience, and to promote meaningful dialogue.  The group provides support and ensures that every family and student feels that they are fully welcomed members of the community.

These two groups meet every other month throughout the year, and are often activity-based.  One of this year’s meetings included “walking the halls” to have families look critically at our walls and halls to examine if our school building reflects what we do and who we teach.  In recent years, these groups have several film screenings and discussions, including a screening of Miss Representation to examine gender and media, and American Promise to examine the role of race in private school settings. We also regularly hold events designed to respond to current events, such as the recent turmoil in Ferguson. Additionally, we have an LGBT Group and an Adoptive Families Group.  Childcare is provided free of charge at all diversity events.


  • Faculty Diversity Committee
  • Faculty Meetings and Inservice Days
  • Anti-Defamation League: Making Diversity Count Working Group
  • ISACS Conference
  • People of Color Conference (December)
  • White Privilege Conference (March)

The Race Card Project at New City. Staff, students, and parents wrote "six word essays" about their experience with race.


  • Saturday Playtime
  • Daughter Project
  • Diversity Dinner and Dialogue (Fall)
  • Film Screenings and Discussions
  • Families Committed to Diversity
  • Families of Color
  • LGBT Family Group
  • Adoptive Families


DATE: October 12, 2018
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
FEE: $10.00 (to help defray the cost of food)

Photographer and Co-Founder of Humans of St. Louis (HOSTL), Lindy Drew, will join us for our fall Diversity Dinner and Dialogue. Lindy began HOSTL while pursuing her Masters of Social Work and Public Health from Washington University, with the hope that this platform would be able to share an intimate look into the lives and struggles of the people of St. Louis. This evening will be an opportunity to explore how storytelling can help us understand, connect, and respect the vibrant diversity in our school community, as well as the city we call home.

Please RSVP by October 5 if you plan to attend this event. Childcare is available at no cost for current New City School students.

If you have RSVPed but are no longer able to attend, please contact Stephanie Teachout Allen: steachout@newcityschool.org