Academics for Success

Academic preparation at the elementary level is an important part of preparing children for success in the world.

We work to ensure that our students – from preschool to sixth grade – can read, write, and calculate at a high level. Our students’ performance on standardized test results — our grades average several years above grade level — shows that they are well prepared. Our students are strong academically, and they are also creative problem-solvers.

Our use of multiple intelligences (MI) theory in pedagogy means that there are more ways for students to learn. We are able to develop students’ interests and strengths in helping them learn the skills and concepts that are set in our curriculum. Our use of multiple intelligences theory also means that our students are much more likely to be engaged and to find school fun. Joyful learning is the result of using MI in our classrooms!

In addition to traditional reading, writing and arithmetic instruction, we add three more facets to our curriculum that are unique to New City School:

  • Responsibility: Students learn to be responsible for their behavior in all arenas (academically, socially, at home and at play).
  • Respect: Students learn to respect and appreciate others.
  • Rapport: Students learn to listen to and connect with others.

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You’re invited to our Fall Open House!

Behind our red doors, New City students engage in hands-on, experiential learning, develop lasting friendships within a diverse group of peers, play hard, and dream big. Join us at our Fall Open House on Saturday, November 10, to learn more about our school. We promise New City School is unlike anywhere you’ve been before! RSVP by visiting

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