About New City School

New City School prides itself on providing a unique, thorough learning environment for preschool and kindergarten students through sixth grade. Our approach centers not only on facts and skills, but also on fostering a love for learning in every child. New City School students love to come to school!

Our task is both simple and complex. It’s simple because the joyful learning, academic challenge, and the appreciation for diversity that characterizes us is easy to convey and shines through in everything we do at New City School. But it’s complex, too, because we work to prepare students to succeed in lifenot just in schooland that’s not easy to capture.

Whether you are a prospective parent considering preschool, kindergarten, or older children; whether you are an educator seeking to observe creative and effective ways to help students learn; or whether you are someone who simply believes that education can make a difference in the world—we welcome the opportunity to invite you through our big red doors to see just what makes New City School such a special place to learn and grow. 

Our Mission, Principles, & History

Faculty & Staff

Working At New City School