Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas

Does your child have more than enough stuff?  Would you like to help instill in your child a habit of giving back to others?  Listed below are some great ideas for alternatives to traditional birthday gifts.

  • Create a Causes Wish

    Causes Wish is the fun and social way to raise money for your favorite cause. Use the
    events of your life—like a birthday, wedding, or a 10k run—to make a difference.

  • ECHOage

    At ECHOage, we are modernizing the birthday party experience for both hosts and guests.

    ECHOage has so many great charity partners. All you have to do is choose one.  ECHOage will send half of the money contributed by your guests to the charity. The other half goes towards a gift of your child’s choice.

  • Birthday Buddy: Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

    Make a foster child’s birthday wishes come true by registering to be a Birthday Buddy! As a Birthday Buddy, you donate presents to a foster child with an upcoming birthday. Many children are Birthday Buddies who ask their guests to bring birthday presents to donate to a foster child in lieu of a birthday gift for them.

    You can also contact Shelley Thomas-Benke at 314-367-8373, ext 2229

  • Nurses for Newborns

    Our Mission is to provide a safety net for families most-at-risk by helping prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect through home-based programs that provide education, healthcare and positive parenting skills.

    Event:  Host a Baby Shower benefiting Nurses for Newborns of Missouri.