Flat Tom Will Travel Around the World for Spring Break!

    Are you doing something interesting over spring break? Or are you just having a “stay-cation” wherever you live? Regardless of what your plans are, we hope you will take FLAT TOM with you!

    As you all know, our very own Head of School, Tom Hoerr, is leaving us for the land of retirement. A place that is ripe with excitement, adventure, curiosity, and learning! Tom wishes he could take each and every student, family, alum, and staff member that makes up the New City family with him, as he will miss us just as much as we will miss him.

    Here’s how to get started:  


    Click here to download your own Flat Tom. Print him out and decorate him. This is your chance to decide what kind of tie he’s wearing, for once!


    Take a photo with Flat Tom accompanying you wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing over spring break!


    Upload and post the photo to the social media platform of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to tag New City School and use the hashtag #NCSFlatTom. You can click here to download complete instructions.

    Post your photos from March 16th - March 30th for all to see!

    That’s it! We hope you will participate and look forward to seeing your Flat Tom pictures! Have a great spring break!