5th Grade Students Participate in Mississippi River Cleanup

Recently, 5th graders Will C. and Oliver F. attended a river cleanup on the Mississippi River. New City School parent Roo Yawitz coordinated the cleanup, which was operated by the Missouri River Relief. The cleanup removed multiple tons of trash! 

After the cleanup, members of our New City community joined a coalition of St. Louis environmental organizations and attended a celebratory beach Party on Mosenthein Island. "Mosenthein Island is an almost pristine river island, accessible only by boat most of the year. White sand beaches surround pools of crystal clear water on the north face of the island with dense forests and wildlife to the south." said the Coalition of STL Environmental Nonprofits. Attendees enjoyed swimming and playing on the island, food, and live music, and all proceeds benefitted the work of the hosting nonprofits. 

Will and Oliver are part of River Kids, a dedicated organization at New City that is leading the way in protecting and preserving our waterways. This is a one-of-a-kind, regionally recognized and respected organization created by and managed by New City students and alumni. Members of this committed group meet one or two Fridays a month all school year to learn about rivers through various field trips, guest speaker engagements, and activities. Click here to learn more. 

Due to this evening's forecast, we are postponing our Winter Open House.

The event is rescheduled for next week on Wednesday, January 17th. The Open House will still start at 6:00 pm, and the schedule will remain the same; you do not need to send us a second RSVP. Thank you for your flexibility, and we hope to see you there!

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