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- I understand I am to pick up my child at McKinley before 5:30 PM on game nights.

- I give my permission for my son or daughter to ride the bus to McKinley.

- I give my permission for my son or daughter to ride in a parent’s car to McKinley to help reduce crowding on the school bus if necessary.

- I give my permission for my son or daughter to ride to the home of one of the coaches in one of the NCS parent’s personal cars if they are not picked up by 5:30.

- I understand that it is my responsibility to know when and where the team is meeting and that all this information is accessible through TeamSnap.

- I understand that most parents will need to do some job or another to make this program work and that I can find a list of available jobs on TeamSnap

Please acknowledge that:

- I understand that all tournaments are optional. For my child to attend, I must sign up for tournaments via TeamSnap by Wednesday prior to the tournament.

- I understand that all practices are required (obviously, barring illness or other family matters). Full practice schedule will be posted on TeamSnap.

- I understand that players will be encouraged to practice their chess skills via the Chess Kids online site.

- I understand that tournament participation is encouraged for players on Team Missouri. 

- I understand that participation at most tournaments is required for Team USA.  Participation at US Nationals in Nashville is encouraged.

 - I understand that participation in tournaments is optional for Team St. Louis, with the exception of the McKinley Red Rook tournament. Team St. Louis players are allowed to participate in other tournaments and would sign up on TeamSnap.

- I understand that (for all teams) we assume your child is playing in the McKinley Red Rook tournament unless you tell us otherwise. See details below on this tournament.

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