The NCS Model

We Are More Than Multiple Intelligences

While New City School is most often associated with implementing the theory of multiple intelligences, there is more to us than that! We use year-long themes at every grade as a way to frame curriculum and instruction. Coupled with our use of MI, the result is student experiences that are meaningful, rich, and fun. Our kindergarteners, for example, culminate their “Busy Body” theme by building life-size functioning human bodies. They share these with their parents at a breakfast in May. Our third graders create a diorama and written report to show their understanding of the Native American tribe and culture they studied in their theme, “Native Americans: Keepers of the Earth.”

We believe that part of our responsibility is to help students appreciate the differences of others. To that end, issues which advance diversity are an integral part of our curriculum. Prior to our work with MI, we received much positive recognition for our work with diversity and visitors to New City School continue to seek out that aspect of our program.

Another important aspect of New City School that may not be obvious from observing a class is our belief in collegiality. As first set out by Roland Barth in Improving Schools From Within, the notion of collegiality simply means that everyone in the building must be a learner, children and adults alike. Much thought and energy is given to creating a setting in which collegiality is the norm.

Due to this evening's forecast, we are postponing our Winter Open House.

The event is rescheduled for next week on Wednesday, January 17th. The Open House will still start at 6:00 pm, and the schedule will remain the same; you do not need to send us a second RSVP. Thank you for your flexibility, and we hope to see you there!

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